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SPREAD becomes member of the COST Action 'Sheld-on. Smart Habitat for the Elderly'

SPREAD brings its expertise on the built environment for older adults to the EU COST Action ‘Sheld-on. Indoor living space improvement: Smart Habitat for the Elderly’ (CA16226).

Sheld-on is a “science and technology network where relevant actors from academic, research and industry sectors utilise networking tools and activities to address the ageing population challenges facing Europe [Improving] accessibility, functionality, and safety at home, at work and in society developing solutions that integrate ICT, ergonomics, healthcare (psychological and physical), building and community design”.

SPREAD’s group members Rosana Rubio and Fernando Nieto contribute to Sheld-on’s Working Group 4 ‘Solutions for Ageing Well at Home, in the Community and at Work’, giving advice that builds upon the research projects Societal and AIsola, coordinated by SPREAD within the Tampere University’s Intelligent Society Platform (INSO), and the research project on Loneliness and the Built Environment funded by the Tampere University’s Sustainable Welfare Systems initiative.

COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is a funding agency for research and innovation networks: