Shape Evading Shapes

Rosana Rubio, Jury at Columbia University’s Architecture Advance Studio

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Rosana Rubio participates as invited critic at Michael Bell’s Studio, within the Fall 2020 jury sessions at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.

Bell’s studio built on a series of previous studios “that project an architecture of the near future where long-standing building types that have historically been a backbone of social order and economy are forced to address a consolidation of new pressures, of manufacturing, of computation, of data consolidation of markets newly made not by elective choice but by wholesale change in how markets are operated and what they will tolerate. In this realm “everything must scale” (to use the ubiquitous Silicon Valley term “scale”) or become quasi obsolete. These series of studios have focused on buildings that have fused architecture and program – they are architecture + economy + social order writ large over entire territories – fuelling stations, schools and, in this occasion, a small-scale rapidly deployable epidemiology clinic”.

Rosana contributed to the debate together with scholars like Jonathan Crary and Michael Shanks, and practitioners like Toshihiro Oki, among other critics.