Examples of projects we are involved in are given below.


Project timeline: 2020-

System-on-Chip (SoC) Hub is a joint effort to design new SoCs for 5G, AI, imaging and security applications. SoC Hub collects and boosts national competence from application requirements to prototype chips and completes the overall expertise in embedded systems and microelectronics in Finland. In addition, the project strengthens European SoC design competence with connections to the ecosystems in the field.

See more information on the project website.


Project timeline: 2017-2020.

Vehicles detected by AI are highlighted in a screencapture.
Machine learning application detecting vehicles in real-time in a video stream.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are the enabling technology for many aspects of today’s world including industry automation, smart homes and energy efficient solutions. Since IoT devices need to be smart, cheap, and power-efficient, developing IoT software is characterized by these constraints. With very limited resources available on the physical devices, there is a remarkable design trade-off between development time and software efficiency.

COMPACT is an european-wide ITEA project with both industrial and academic partners researching new means for ultra-small IoT device development. The proposed key concept is model-driven architecture (MDA) combined with a novel IoT Platform Modeling Language (IoT-PML). Through software generation the effort will be reduced and focused on ultra-low power consumption and ultra-small memory footprint.

See more information on the project website.