Building Services Research Group

We are a project oriented research group and our focus is on building technical systems, indoor air conditions and digitality.

Who we are?

Talotekniikan tutkimusryhmä was founded in 2020 when Piia Sormunen was made the Industry Professor for Talotekniikka. We work at Tampere University in the Faculty of Built Environment. We have interdisciplinary collaboration inside the Faculty and the University alongside out business collaboration partners.

Our research group leader Piia Sormunen


At the core of our strategy is are the projects and research about our topics. In our projects, we cooperate extensively within the Faculty of Built Environment (below), and with an interdisciplinary focus at the University of Tampere (left) and with several different partners (right).

Although our main expertise is in building technology, our research has diverse perspectives on the subject areas, both theoretically and concretely. Our goal is also to prepare Master’s level college content for students based on our projects.