HybE – Hybrid Energy Solutions

“Hiilineutraalit energiatkaisut ja lämpöpumpputeknologia” or HybE is a five-year (2022–2026) research program, that seeks to develop solutions for the successful implementation of buildings’ emission cutbacks in every stage of the life cycle of the building, from the definition stage of the planning and building of the project to the usage and maintenance stage.

The research will be implemented through doctoral research and through shorter, year long, research sprints. The research subjects deal with practical construction industry themes and are decided together with the researchers and the company partners.


Energy efficient buildings are an important part in climate change prevention. Energy efficient solutions require ever more complicated building technical systems, whose actualization and usage has new challenges. In practice, the buildings planned to be energy efficient often do not reach the set goals.

Research Areas

  • Lean-construction
  • Energy solutions
  • Real estate business

2023 Research Sprints

Results seminars

The results seminar for research sprints 1, 2 and 3 was held on 12.9.2023. The presentation showing the findings of these research sprints can be viewed here: HybE tulosseminaari 2023

RS1. Exploring and overcoming challenges of project design and delivery in constructing and renovating energy efficient buildings

This study looks into the observed gaps between buildings’ target energy consumption and the observed energy consumption.

Interviews and surveys with experts in the field are used to find out the challenges and barriers in realizing energy-efficiency in buildings and to find solutions to improve the match between targets and observed results. 

This research sprint has ended. The final report (in English) can be found here soon! In the meantime, an overview of the results can be seen in the results seminar presentation: HybE tulosseminaari 2023

RS2. Hybrid energy system solution packages for the retrofitting of non-residential buildings

Modern hybrid energy systems in buildings are increasingly complex, making it hard to estimate their impact on final energy consumption and emissions. Calculation methods used to estimate their effect are either too simplistic or require specialized software and engineering skills to use.

In this research sprint, the goal is to develop an open source calculation tool that can be used without significant engineering expertise and that examines building loads and energy generation at a detailed level, to account for the joint use of different building energy systems.

This research sprint had ended. The final report (in Finnish) can be found here: HybE Tutkimussprintti 2 Loppuraportti

The hybrid energy system calculation tool can be downloaded here: HybE Calculation tool

RS3. Regulatory environment of energy systems in the building stock

The regulatory environment of buildings and real estate in Finland and EU is difficult to grasp, as there are many layers of national and EU level targets and programs.

This state-of-the-art study examines the important regulatory objects that can influence a real estate owner’s strategy when it comes to energy-efficiency and carbon neutrality targets. 

This research sprint had ended. The final report (in Finnish) can be found here: HybE Tutkimussprintti 3 Loppuraportti