Per Ashorn

Group Leader, Professor of Paediatrics

  • MD
  • PhD
  • DTM
  • Medical Specialist in Paediatrics and Paediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Diplomas in Health Care Administration, International Health Care, and GCP-standard research

Phone: +358 40 7280 354
Visiting address: Room D519, Arvo-building
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Contact: Tampere University
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Per Ashorn, MD, PhD, works as a Professor of Paediatrics at Tampere University. He is a specialist medical doctor in paediatrics and paediatric infectious diseases and he has worked both as a laboratory scientist, a clinical physician, a public health specialist, an administrator, and a university teacher. He has conducted research in Finland, the United States, Malawi, Ghana, and India and been involved in academic teaching and public health in numerous other low- and middle-income countries.

Dr. Ashorn has been the principal investigator or active collaborator on approximately 20 clinical trials in Sub-Saharan Africa. His current research is focused around maternal and child health in low-income settings, with a special emphasis on the interaction between infections, preterm birth and undernutrition on various health outcomes. Dr. Ashorn has published over 200 scientific articles and supervised approximately 30 graduate or post-graduate students on their thesis work.