Tampere Center for Child, Adolescent and Maternal Health Research (TamCAM) is a population-group based research center formed around multidisciplinary research groups that strive to advance the health and wellbeing of human beings from the womb to adulthood.

TamCAM builds on a premise of the importance of maternal, fetal, childhood and adolescence health and wellbeing on the entire life-course and brings together multiple methods, materials and approaches, and looks holistically at both somatic and mental health in the target populations.

Picture: Jonne Renvall / Tampere University

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The foundations of lifelong health and well-being are built in the first years of life. The TamCAM research centre conducts multidisciplinary research to support the formation of health-promoting lifestyles already during pregnancy and childhood. By donating, you are supporting research that helps to improve the health of children, young people and mothers globally.

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Focus areas

Our research focuses on the following topics in vulnerable periods of human life. You can find more information on our current research projects on our research groups’ pages.

Pregnancy and fetal period

  • Pregnancy complications and their impact on maternal and newborn health
  • Adverse peri- and postnatal exposures and their impact on child and adolescent health


  • Biology and therapy of type 1 diabetes, leukemia and celiac disease
  • Novel therapies and vaccines for children
  • High-technology solutions for increasing treatment adherence with neurological and neuropsychiatric disturbances


  • Body image, identity and well-being in the contemporary society
  • Environmental and inherited factors behind eating disorders and obesity
TamCAM Child and adolescent health promotion