The graduate school is a working platform inside Tampere University that brings together research activities related to industrial wood construction from different faculties. Research is carried out in relation to structural engineering, architecture, and construction economics. The goal of the graduate school is to bring practical relevant research information to society and industry, which is mainly produced as a PhD dissertation and shorter M.Sc. thesis projects. To ensure practicality, the graduate school works closely with companies, educational institutions and other actors in the field. Scheduled operations last until the end of 2024, intending to develop and expand operations beyond that.


The idea of the graduate school arose from the observation that optimal development of industrial wood construction requires understanding the whole of the construction project as well as the dependencies between its subtasks. Instead of focusing on the research of their own specialty, we saw a graduate school as a joint working platform providing significant synergies for both our researchers and the construction industry as a whole. 


The main objective of the graduate school is to train new specialists in the field of industrial wood construction and to produce new research-based knowledge, that benefits the entire construction field. 



Our research topics emerge from the practical challenges found to slow the development of industrial wood construction both domestically and internationally. Comprehensive research enables a sustainable way to develop wood construction and increase its competitiveness where the impact of the graduate school will be reflected in the long run as research results are put into practice as design guidelines, policies and regulations, etc. 


Co-operation network 

The starting point of our activities is the open development of the entire wooden construction sector. While the university collaborates one-on-one with companies, the graduate school is specifically focused on tackling common challenges in the field. Therefore, the steering group of the graduate school is made up of different types of companies and other actors in the field.