New directors, chairs and steering group for TRANSIT

Photo: Unsplash

Director, Vice Director, Chair, Vice-Chair and Steering Group of the Research Centre on Transnationalism and Transformation (TRANSIT) have been appointed for the period from 1 August 2021 to 31 July 2026.

TRANSIT is a multidisciplinary collaboratory, consisting of researchers from the Faculty of Education and Culture, Management and Business and Social Sciences. TRANSIT is coordinated by the Faculty of Education and Culture.

The Director of TRANSIT is Associate Professor Nelli Piattoeva (Faculty of Education and Culture) and Vice Director is University Lecturer, Docent Yuzhuo Cai (Faculty of Management and Business).

The Chair of TRANSIT’s Steering Group is Professor Zsuzsa Millei (Faculty of Education and Culture) and Vice-Chair Professor Laura Huttunen (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Other members of the Steering Group are:

Professor Kirsi Pauliina Kallio (Faculty of Education and Culture)

University Researcher Heidi Morrison (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Professor Kalle Pajunen (Faculty of Management and Business)

University Lecturer Elias Pekkola (Faculty of Management and Business)

More information about management here