Seminar with Associate Professor Katja Brøgger: "New nationalisms, geopolitical shifts and the politics of scaling" Friday, February 17th at 2:00pm (Helsinki time, EET)

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Associate Professor Katja Brøgger will present her work on "New nationalism, geopolitical shifts and the politics of scaling: the case of higher education and research". The hybrid seminar will be organized by TRANSIT on Friday, February 17th at 2:00pm (Helsinki time, EET). Registration is now open.


In the last decade, an upsurge in new nationalisms and geopolitical shifts has challenged European integration. These transformations within the political sphere in which universities operate exert growing pressure on the openness of higher education and research. This talk will address how the current (re)nationalization of higher education and (re)politicization of research increasingly influence university politics, including autonomy and governance, academic freedom, open science and international engagement. Universities seem to find themselves entangled in contrasting visions of Europe: between a vision of deeper political integration and openness and visions where European nation-states (re)gain power as the locus of political sovereignty or where protectionist regionalism and security politics challenge open exchange with communities outside the EU. Against this backdrop, we will discuss the politics of scaling in education policy studies.

Short bio:

Katja Brøgger, PhD, is Associate Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. She is the research program director of Policy Futures and host of the Policy Futures International Webinar Series. Brøgger is PI of two comparative projects on how new nationalisms and geo-political shifts affect European higher education and research, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark. Her research on higher education policy and governance focus on the relation between the universities, the nation-states and international polities such as the EU. Brøgger has published several articles, books and book chapters on education governance, the EU, the European Higher Education and Research Area, privatization, and the rise of neo-nationalism. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Journal of Education Policy, the Editorial Board of Globalisation, Societies and Education and remote evaluator for the European Research Council.

Time: Friday, Feb 17th 2023, 2:00pm (Helsinki time, EET)

Venue: On-site: TAU Linna K108 group workspace. Kalevantie 5, 33100, Tampere, Finland. Online: The Zoom Meeting link will be sent to registered participants closer to the date.

Registration: Please fill in the registration form via this link to get more information closer to date.