Dr. Radhika Viruru's lecture: "Troubling the trope of the authoritarian father: perspectives from the Arab world."

Photo: Unsplash

Dr. Radhika Viruru's lecture March 28th 2022 – 3.30-5pm

Recent scholarship has viewed fatherhood from a variety of angles of encounter. In this presentation the trope of authoritarian fatherhood in the Arab World will be reviewed and deconstructed as studies show that extensive variability exists as to what constitutes authoritarian parenting as well as how it is experienced by children. Examples from a year long study of fatherhood in Qatar will be shared and the notion of emergent fatherhood (Inhorn 2012, 2016) will be explored as well as its implications of this concept for the study of childhood.

Dr. Radhika Viruru is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) at Texas A&M University, having joined the faculty in 1998. Her research interests include early childhood education, postcolonial childhood studies and technology integration into education. She is the author of two books on early childhood education (Early Childhood Education: Postcolonial Perspectives from India) published by Sage in 2001 and Childhood and Post-colonization: Power, Education and Contemporary Practice (co-author) published by Routledge in 2004 as well as numerous journal articles and edited book chapters. Her current research interests center around the social construction of the family particularly in the Persian Gulf.


Radhika’s 30 minutes long lecture will be followed by a collaborative discussion facilitated by the Child Politics ECEPP sub-group members from the Faculty of Education.

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