The forum brings researchers together from around Tampere University in all faculties with an interest in the social study of religion and spirituality.

One to two papers are discussed in every monthly session of the seminar. The papers may be manuscripts in any stage of completion by members or invited experts and may also be presentations or significant readings. Papers are welcome in Finnish or English. 5 ECTS will be offered to doctoral candidates who attend eight paper sessions and write a learning diary, as well as present or introduce one paper.

Starting in Spring 2024, TRELIS will also coordinate teaching of a 5-ECTS, annual lecture course in English on “Religion in Society” (in YKT.SOO.304).

TRELIS draws upon research from sociology, psychology, anthropology, history, education, and other disciplines. A key focus is research that cuts across these and other disciplines. Current research engages the following topics, and more are invited:

  • Religion and politics
  • Mysticism and society
  • Religious symbolism
  • Religion and gender
  • New spiritualities
  • Exclusion in religion
  • Indigenous spiritualities
  • Inter-religious dialogue
  • Sacred spaces
  • Art and spirituality
  • Science and religion
  • Religious rituals
  • Religion and migration