Planning a program in the study of mysticism (PRISM)

TRELIS first major initiative is planning for a Program strategy of Research in the Study of Mysticism (PRISM), supported by Templeton Religion Trust.

Can we measure and contrast mysticisms, a typically subjective domain of experience and metaphor rather than objective reason and concepts? What are the changes in consciousness connected with mystical experiences, and with what variations? How does the authoritative structure of religious institutions handle the event of mystical experience? Are mystical experiences or practices inherently unitive or can they be divisive and exclusive? To what extent are mysticisms culturally embedded and interpreted?

This planning grant fleshes out these questions towards a Program strategy in the Study of Mysticism (PRISM) led by Templeton Religion Trust. Its purpose is to forge an intellectual foundation as well as generate academic momentum and institutional readiness to pursue a targeted strategy in the academic study of mysticism.