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A pocket-sized recipe for cooking up a scientific manuscript by Craig S. Carlson and Michiel Postema was published by Tampere University in 2023.
This booklet is intended to be read from cover to cover, in the order of writing. It is not so much a general guideline as a proven recipe to get your scientific manuscript accepted by a peer-reviewed journal. We do not differentiate between high-impact peer-reviewed journals and low-impact national conference proceedings. The principle of writing is the same. The recipe works for both.
When using any other recipe for cooking, you are going to use it only a couple of times. After that, you are going to adjust the recipe to match your flavour. This recipe is intended for the same purpose. Follow it get get your first papers and your thesis accepted. After that, start changing it so that you can produce manuscripts about which you feel more comfortable.

Extract of an example rebuttal letter.

Sonic disruption of wood pulp fibres aided by hydrophobic cavitation nuclei by Nicole Anderton, Craig S. Carlson, Albert T. Poortinga, Hu Xinyue, Nobuki Kudo, and Michiel Postema was published in the 62nd volume of the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics in 2023.
For paper manufacturing and biofuel production, the controlled deformation of wood pulp is of interest, provided that the integrity of the fibre structure remains intact. Conventional ultrasonic pretreatment in the near-audible range has been observed to cause uncontrolled inertial cavitation damage in wood pulp fibres. To prevent internal damage, we proposed to subject wood pulp mixed with hydrophobic particles to 1-MHz short pulses above the nucleation threshold of the particles but below the Blake threshold, and to observe the interaction of pulsating cavities and wood pulp fibres assisted by high-speed photography.
This study was a collaborative work of Tampere University, the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Hokkaido University.

Radial response (a) of a hydrophobic core subjected to a pressure pulse (b), measured from high-speed video footage. Selected high-speed footage (c) with schematics overlain show a bubble at its maximum (i), its collapse to form a liquid jet (ii), and a composite image of both frames (iii).

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