Our approach

Scholars in Media and Communication Studies have been interested in visual cultures and material practices particularly in three specific and usually interrelated strands:

1) Work done in conversation with Visual Culture and Bildwissenschaft (e.g. Mirzoeff 1998; Müller 2003; Seppänen 2006), developing approaches that take especially social scientific methods and questions into account.

2) Practice-based approaches for understanding how global media and mediations could be affected by digitization (e.g. Couldry 2004; Brauchler & Postill 2010).

3) A further fruitful area in this regard combines media scholarship and anthropological approaches (e.g. Rothenbuhler & Coman 2005; Ginsburg 2006; Gómez-Cruz 2012), focusing at times particularly on questions of material mediation (Lehmuskallio 2012; Were & Favero 2013; Grace 2014).

These questions regarding visual cultures and material practices are inherently interdisciplinary, while disciplinary work is also necessary to transfer findings and conceptual understandings to those disciplines involved. Therefore, it is important that Media and Communication Studies present a platform to engage in these conversations. The proposed Section provides a platform for doing so.


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