Pilot project with Futudent

Dental care
Photo by Amr Taha/Unsplash

AI Hub Tampere 2.0 wrapped up a dental care technology pilot with Futudent.

In late 2022, AI Hub Tampere worked with Futudent in carrying out a dental care pilot project. The Futudent pilot investigated and demonstrated the potential of AI tools in the field of dentistry. It consisted of three parts:

  • Data annotation: What data and how much is needed for AI tools
  • Dental disease detection: a model was trained to detect 6 different classes of dental diseases from images
  • Face view classification: a model was trained to classify face view images into various classes

Futudent has the interest to invest in AI. Tampere has a large ecosystem around Imaging and Futudent is mainly interested in collaboration in Tampere area.