2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden: The Actor-Reality Perspective - On-going research and future prospects

OCTOBER 27-28th 2011

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Presentations in the conference

Thursday 27th October

On generalization, Professor Lennart Nørreklit

Managing individuality, Professor Hanne Nørreklit

Being and doing in organizations: agents, actors or persons? Professor Sue Llewellyn

The construction of reality and management control, Professor Will Seal

Indicators as technology: Debates on the link between indicators and action, Bino Catasús & Sofi Ersson

Formal incentive systems in organization with a Swedish management style: Conflict or interaction?, Mikael Cäker

What is the problem with ‘traditional’ budgeting control? – A literature review of the critique of budgets, Hildegunn Sandal & Katarina Kaarbøe

When prices for land lost its grounding and budget set-aside, Morten Jakobsen

Methodologies for managing performance measurement, Lino Cinquini

Friday 28th October

Management control and trust – evidence from the field of Mergers & Acquisitions, Peter Beusch

The value of trust: Accounting facts and organisational change, Gudrun Baldvinsdottir

Research project: Why are people avoiding the position as middle managers, Nikolaj Kure

Relive organizational management organization -a philosophical argument in favor of purposeful, processuel dynamics between all levels of formal  organizational practice, Anders FB Jensen

Information on IR websites – how to study its usefulness? – A research proposal, Svetlana Sabelfeld

The Process of Producing Annual Reports – models derived from consultants narratives, Kristina Jonäll & Gunnar Rimmel

Stewards in Action, Caroline Teh

Research project: Accountability as an ethical practice – A study of the introduction of person centered care, Inga-Lill Johansson