Working teams

The working teams consisting of Actor-Reality Construction network members will take steps to facilitate various types of initiatives in relation to their themes. The working teams invite people in the pragmatic constructivism network to participate in their initiatives.

Pragmatic constructivist methodology

Organizing conductor: Lars Bo Henriksen

There is a desire for a better understanding of PC relevant methodology. This working group should produce an introduction to PC methodology with a view to answer methodological questions prevalent in various projects. The various experiences and questions of the whole network of participants’ research (e.g. interventionist and actor-based research) are to be taken into account by the working team.

Ethics, values and accountability

Organizing conductor: Lennart Nørreklit

There is a need for a deeper understanding of the value dimension, including basic and instrumental values, social, economic and individual values.

Management accounting and costing

Organizing conductor: Teemu Laine

Some members of the network have expressed a great interest on digitalization and management accounting. The important role of the digitalization process was also demonstrated in several of the papers at the 8th conference in Actor-Reality Construction, in Pisa, Italy, in 2018.

Language games

Organizing conductor: Hanne Nørreklit

The language game makes up the social factory that produces not only machines and products but also social human beings that mostly are capable to produce intentional results.  The narration of language games is the basis of organizing actions and events of human lifeforms and practices, and of structuring cooperation in accordance with desires, knowledge and skills. This team focuses on various types of communicative actions with a view to evaluating their validity. Also, we analyse the language of the digital based systems.

Learning and performance management

Organizing conductors: Camilla Kølsen Petersen & David Kergel

There is a need for a deeper understanding of the link between learning, performance management and digitalization in educational institutions.