Statistics archive

Statistics archive contains some old web pages, documents, and teaching materials from the previous University of Tampere era (1966–2018). These can be accessed through the links below or browsed directly from the archive.

International activities

The Styan Summer Seminar in Statistics. Summer University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, 5–7 July 1976. Program. Speakers: George P. H. Styan, Klaus Schmidt, and Tarmo Pukkila.

The First International Tampere Seminar on Linear Statistical Models and their Applications. University of Tampere, 30 August – 2 September 1983:

The Second International Tampere Conference in Statistics. University of Tampere, 1–4 June 1987:

International Workshop on Linear Models, Experimental Designs, and Related Matrix Theory. University of Tampere, 6–8 August 1990:

International Mini-Workshop on Matrix Theory “Matrices in May: an Afternoon Full of Matrices”. University of Tampere, 20 May 1994. Program.

The Eighth International Workshop on Matrices and Statistics. University of Tampere, 6–7 August 1999:

Regression Graphics. Short course by R. Dennis Cook & Sanford Weisberg, University of Tampere, 19 August 1999.

Modern Statistical Computing. A short course by Robert Gentleman. University of Tampere, 7–8 October 2004. PosterProgram.

Workshop on nonparametrical statistical methods. University of Tampere, 8–10 June 2005.

MANTAWORK-09, Manchester–Tampere Workshop 2009. University of Tampere, 19–20 May 2009.

My adventures with A.M. Memories and photos to celebrate the 65th birthday of professor Augustyn Markiewicz. Simo Puntanen, 1 September 2021. Prepared for the Abstract Book of the LinStat’2020/2021.

An obituary for Professor C. R. Rao (1920–2023) by Tarmo Pukkila and Simo Puntanen. Originally in Finnish.


Festschrift for Eino Haikala on his Seventieth Birthday, Acta Universitatis Tamperensis, Ser. A, Vol. 153, Pentti Huuhtanen, Erkki P. Liski, Tarmo Pukkila & Simo Puntanen, eds., May 1983, 157 pp. PrefacePaper by George P. H. Styan.

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Philosophy, Statistics Unit Annual Report 1994–1998.

Statistical Methods in Developing Control over Timber Harvesting. A research project.

Advanced Methods for Computer-Aided Bucking of Scots Pine. A research project.

Festschrift for Tarmo Pukkila on his 60th Birthday. Erkki P. Liski, Jarkko Isotalo, Jarmo Niemelä, Simo Puntanen & George P. H. Styan, eds. University of Tampere, Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Philosophy, June 2006, 383 pp.

Tilastopäivät 2007 / Statistical Days 2007. The annual conference of Finnish statisticians. University of Tampere, 10–11 May 2007.