CAST promotes the broader use of quantitative methods within the versatile research studies at Tampere University. We implement this through courses, research collaboration, and consultancy for researchers.

CAST supports co-operation in quantitative methods with other universities and research institutes. We promote national and international collaboration between statistics and data analytics specialists by providing multidisciplinary research visits, workshops, and seminars. Also, we support research collaboration, writing joint research publications and creating shared project applications. We encourage involving statistical expertise right in the planning phase of a research project.

The tools and methods are selected based on the research goals and the available data which may be collected with varying frequencies starting from only once to real-time. The size of the data depends on the research project. Structured or unstructured research data may be collected, for example, from a survey, an empirical observation, a register data, web, or an Internet of Things (IoT) type of source. Data from multiple sources may be combined to get valuable insights into the real world. Different kinds of methods are available for graphical visualization, data mining, analysis, modelling, and prediction.

Research collaboration

Research collaboration consists of data analysis support related to master’s or doctoral thesis and research projects. Contact Tapio Nummi for more information about research collaboration possibilities.

Visiting scholars

CAST is geographically located at Tampere University but it has an international presence. We have a program for visiting scholars at CAST to strengthen scientific collaboration and to promote MSc and PhD training in applied statistics and data analysis.

Mohammad Kazemi, Iran, 03–08/2018

Timothy O’Brien, United States, 05–06/2018