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We aim at understanding (1) how genetic and epigenetic and gene regulation drive tumor development and progression, (2) how brain tumors respond to targeted interventions, and (3) how immune system is suppressed in brain tumors. Our main focus is on primary brain tumors, especially on gliomas, and prostate cancer. We also seek to develop tools for diagnostics and management e.g. through application of cell free tumor DNA analysis and immunohistochemistry.

We strongly utilize both experimental and computational approaches in our research and combine them with a goal to improve the handling and life of brain tumor patients. We have generated several patient-derived brain tumor cell cultures.

Main collaborators: Prostate Cancer Research Center (PCRC), Hannu Haapasalo, MD, PhD, Arja Jukkola, MD, PhD, Joonas Haapasalo, MD, PhD, Kristiina Nordfors MD, PhD, Sven Nelander, MD, PhD, Prof. Wei Zhang, Kristian Pajtler, MD, PhD, Bram De Wilde, MD, PhD, Outi Kuittinen, MD, PhD