Future Talk on Additive Manufacturing and Responsible innovations

I AM RRI - Webs of Innovation Value Chains of Additive Manufacturing under Consideration of Responsible Research and Innovation. This Future Talk gives an overview of the outcomes of the IAMRRI project and highlights future perspectives of the project core topics in panel discussions. The Future Talk is an online event.

Welcome to I AM RRI project’s future talk (final seminar) 8th and 9th September 2021!

I AM RRI project has investigated webs of innovation value chains in additive manufacturing (AM) and has identified openings for responsible research and innovation (RRI). The aim was to develop a network model of AM innovations and their associated processes, to accomplish Responsible Research and Innovation.

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IAMRRI is funded under  H2020 framework GA No. 788361.

Contacts at Tampere University: Prof. Miia Martinsuo and doctoral researcher Toni Luomaranta