Open sharing of information in business networks drives circular business

What is the role of information in circular business? This was the starting point for the research project “From data to wisdom (D2W): approaches enabling circular business” (2016-2019).

The research project “From data to wisdom (D2W): approaches enabling circular business” (2016-2019) was carried out in cooperation with Tampere University, LUT University, VTT, and four Finnish companies. The recently ended project was partly funded also by Business Finland. Project team members associate prof. Tuomas Ahola, doctoral researcher Matias Ståhle and responsible director prof. Miia Martinsuo from the Unit of Industrial Engineering and Management research group Center for Research on Operations, Projects and Services (CROPS) represented Tampere University in the project.

The results of the project demonstrate that open sharing and utilization of information across organizational boundaries is the key for successful circular economy innovations. The recently published report “Advancing circular business” introduces several topical examples of circular business models in Finland and provides practical tools for firms to foster their circular business opportunities. In addition, 27 academic publications were produced during the project.

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