How is culture linked with inequality?

How do cultural hierarchies and lifestyles change over time? To what degree do national contexts matter regarding cultural stratification?

Tampere Group for Sociology of Culture

We study cultural stratification – the ways in which cultural hierarchies and lifestyles are intertwined with social inequalities. In our work, we employ multi-method and comparative approaches, which means we analyse cultural stratification by using both quantitative and qualitative datasets, often from the perspective of cross-national differences and changes over time. Our understanding of “culture” is wide, covering not only highbrow and popular culture but also everyday practices and lifestyles in general. The topics we investigate range from cultural participation and non-participation to culinary practices and digital media usage, from musical tastes and cultural reproduction to changing media landscapes and cultural politics.

Active since 2017, The Dynamics of Cultural Stratification: Tampere Group for Sociology of Culture, is a research group based at Tampere University, Finland.