Cultures of the Working Class in the 2020s: Fragmentation, Reproduction, Boundaries, Politics


01.09.2022 – 31.08.2026,


This project has received funding from the Academy of Finland under decision number 346784


CuWoC involves a multi-method, comprehensive investigation of contemporary working-class cultures—their cultural practices and tastes, worldviews and values—which are rarely studied in previous research, especially in Finland. Using unusually rich datasets (surveys, interviews and participant observation, and online discussions) allowing both tracking the trends through which the presentday working-class culture has become what it is and unravelling the up-to-date situation of current working-class cultures in their various modes, CuWoC asks the following: 1. What is the composition of the working-class culture in present-day Finland? 2. How has this composition changed in recent decades, and in what respects there is potential to change in the future? As the most systematic and comprehensive study thus far of working-class cultures conducted in Finland, CuWoC will be carried out by the Tampere Group for Sociology of Culture at Tampere University.


– Semi Purhonen, principal investigator

– Jarmo Kallunki, postdoctoral researcher

– Mikael Wallin, postgraduate researcher

– Eeva Majalahti, postgraduate researcher