The core of the work in Tampere Group for Sociology of Culture is done in several research projects related to cultural stratification. In recent years, our projects have been funded by, for example, Academy of Finland, Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union and the Kone Foundation. Typically our projects are conducted in close collaboration with top-level international partners (most recently including scholars from places like Erasmus University Rotterdam, Loughborough University, University of Copenhagen and the University of Manchester).

Information about ongoing projects (and major past projects) can be found from their respective pages below.

CuWoC: Cultures of the Working Class in the 2020s: Fragmentation, Reproduction, Boundaries, Politics (2022-2026)


PUBLIB: Redistribution of Cultural Capital in the Era of Algorithms: A Comparative Study of Finnish Libraries (2021–2025)


Past projects (2005–)