Child development and diverse needs in early years

(Theme leader: Juliene Madureira Ferreira)

Research in this group investigates diverse individual and interactional phenomena impacting children’s development and learning in early years. We understand learning and development as an intertwined process that is social and emotional in nature, thus dependent of environmental, cultural, and over generational affordances and social, emotional and multisensory enactments. The scope of our research interests is wide and includes topics such as children’s well-being and health; children’s self-regulation, reflection, and agency; music education and musical-linguistic and holistic interaction, language, and artistic and skill-based learning; special education and early intervention; embodied learning and intersubjectivity in development. However, our focus remains on the dynamic relations within the child’s different social-emotional contexts and the micro-level, multisensory practices in place. Our studies are interdisciplinary and employ diverse methods that combine different types of data, such as self-report, observational (including sounding and video-based) and physiological data.