Ongoing projects and completed projects listed here in alphabetical order

Assessment and evaluation in datafied early childhood education (VADA)

Asiantuntijuuden kehittyminen varhaiskasvatuksessa (ASKEL)

CHILDCARE  Consortium

Childhood policy and early childhood doctoral dissertations

Children’s successful learning situation and self-regulated learning  

Early Childhood Educators’ Wellbeing Project (ECEWP)

Early Childhood education: Governance in the era of accountability (EGEIA)

Embodiment, (inter)subjectivity and the construction of children’s agency in learning (2021-2023)

Everyday nationhood in childhood institutions 

From Care receivers to Caregivers: a developmental approach to how we learn to care (2021-2023)

Gender-Sensitive Literature Education in Early Childhood Education and Care and Basic Education 

InnoPlay Programme: Craft, design and technology learning (STEAM) in early childhood education, 2018-2021  

InTrans: Inclusive Transitions Across the Early Years 

Mentoring professionals in early childhood education  

Microbial Childhood Collaboratory (MCC)

Professionalism as relational practice doctoral dissertations

Re-Connect / Re-Collect: Crossing the Divides through Memories of Cold War Childhoods  

Tales from the story box: Narratives of the teachers and songs they use in teaching as expressers of change in early pedagogy  

Unraveling the embodied engagement in online and face-to-face collaborative learning (2021-2024)

Video recording and the analysis of developmental processes of non-verbal children