ECEWP: Early Childhood Educators’ Wellbeing Project

ECEWP: Early Childhood Educators’ Wellbeing Project

(Mari Saha)

ECEWP is an international project including researchers from Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Netherlands and Finland. The aim is to investigate how different factors from individual, organizational and socio-cultural-political levels have an impact upon educators’ wellbeing in early childhood education settings, and further, on their pedagogical work with children. ECEWP is led by researchers from Australia and it involves several nested sub-projects and international comparative studies. The research is interdisciplinary in nature and utilizes multiple methodologies. Data consists of range of psychological and physiological measures and surveys on organisational context.


Associate Professor Sandie Wong, Macquerie University, Australia (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Tamara Cumming, Charles Sturt University, Australia (Principal Investigator)
Professor Rebecca Bull, Macquarie University, Australia (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Laura MacFarland, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Dr. Sandy MacQuarrie, Griffith University, Australia
Assistant Professor Sun Jin, The Education University of Hong Kong
Dr. Ee Lynn Ng, National Institute of Education, Singapore
Dr. Katrien Helmenhorst, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Mari Saha, Tampere University
Doctoral researcher Eerika Rouvinen, Tampere University

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