INNOPLAY: Craft, design and technology learning (STEAM) in early childhood education, 2018-2021 

PI: Professor Kirsti Karila 
Team: Jan Varpanen, Sini Leikkola

Aim: To develop pedagogical practices and models for integrating craft, design, and technology with art, science and mathematics education through play, exploration, and self-expression. The project promotes technology-enhanced, multidiciplinary STEAM-education, which is based on children’s own interests and ideas. In addition, the aim of INNOplay project is to support the flexible transition of children from pre-primary education to primary education and develop the new models of ECEC professionals further training. 

Collaborative partners:

  • University of Turku, coordinator (PI: Prof. Eila Lindfors, Saija Tanhuanpää), University of Helsinki (PI Prof Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, Kaiju Kangas).  
  • Pre-primary and primary school groups from Tampere 

Funding: 190.000€ (Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture) 



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