Tales from the story box: Narratives of the teachers and songs they use in teaching as expressers of change in early pedagogy 

PI: Kyllikki Rantala 

Aim: This project is twofold. First, it examines how general changes reflect on the pedagogy of early education and the way in which changes appear in music education – especially in the song repertoire used in kindergartens – according to how songs are used. Secondly, it examines the narratives used by musical playschool teachers, and the emotions included in these narratives. The framework of this study is based on narratives and narrative education (Abbott 2008; Goodson & Gill 2011; Ropo 2009ab, 2015), and on emotions (Myllyniemi 2004). The main data consists of videotaped teaching sessions and interviews of teachers and children. Also, the songs used in the teaching are analyzed. 


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