Mentoring professionals in early childhood education 

PI: Päivi Kupila

Aim: ‘Mentoring and Learning Partnership in Early Childhood Education and Care’ advances mentoring in support of the professional development of early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals at different stages of their working lives. The key project aims to create a mentoring model suitable for ECEC operating environments, leaders and teachers. It explores the components and stages of the process, benefits likewise challenges as experienced by the mentors who were trained in the program likewise the professional development process of the mentor. The model is being created in cooperation with the worlds of education and work.  

Partners: from education include the ECEC organisations operating within the Tampere sub-region and their day-care centres. At present, more than 60 day-care centres are on board. 

Funding: 150.000 e (Ministry of Education and Culture) 


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