Everyday nationhood in childhood institutions

PI: Zsuzsa Millei 

Aim: Nation and childhood, and how nationhood is learned, practiced, understood, related to, invented and reinvented in everyday life by young children is explored in a comparative manner.

Collaborative partners: Annika Åkerblom, Alex Knoll, Lucy Hopkins, Nelli Piattoeva, Sirpa Lappalainen Signe Hvid Thingstrup, Nisha Thapliyal, Katarzyna Gawlicz, Katarina Gustafson Danielle Ekman Ladru, Iveta.Silova, Hanna Sjögren, Tünde Puskas, Kerstin von-Bromssen, Camilla Eline Andersen, Anne Harju, Hassan Sharif, Wiji Bohme Shomary, Neumann Eszter, Róbert Imre, Michalinos Zembylas

New publications:

Nation and Childhood: Oxford Bibliographies

Teaching nature and nation in the Swedish mobile preschool

Towards Earthly politics in education: Going beyond national, global and planetary environmental imaginaries

Exploring Everyday Nationalism and Methodological Nationalism through Migration Research in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Education

Banal and Everyday Nationalisms in children’s mundane and institutional lives

Affective practices of everyday nationalism: Troubling outdated national tropes in an Australian preschool


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