Open Day - May 10th

On May 10th, FHAIVE hosted an Open Day, welcoming different groups interested in the team’s activities. The morning was reserved for presenting the work to the public, animal rights activists and other sector organizations. FHAIVE’s Director, prof. Dario Greco, PhD student Laura Saarimäki and postdoctoral researcher, Jack Morikka talked about different topics regarding the research done at FHAIVE.

The focus was on presenting activities related to development of the alternatives for the animal experimentation, such as computational models and cell-based experiments. As well, topics such as 3Rs have been mentioned, providing more information for the 4thR and importance of the FAIR principles in research. Moreover, experimental models done in the laboratories have been touched upon. The group had an opportunity to visit the labs and hear more about the equipment and research practices.

In the afternoon, the attention was given to the prospective Bachelors, and Master’s students who were interested to know more about the team and the research conducted at FHAIVE. We have discussed different topics, such as thesis work, PhD positions within the group, summer jobs and potential career choices that are available in the field. Several of the Master PhD students in FHAIVE have shared their perspectives and experiences of working in an international, multidisciplinary group. They have mentioned their work in the field and the projects, along with the experiences of merging the studies on both levels and work in practice. Students had an opportunity to see the labs, ask the questions they are interested in and network with other postdoctoral researchers from our team. This was a valuable experience for the team to meet the students, learn about their concerns and interests, but also for the students to get inspired by the high-level research conducted at  FHAIVE and Tampere University.