Student Information

On this page you can find more information related to opportunities for students in FHAIVE.

Attached there are presentations from the Open Office day held on November 15th, 2023, and Thesis Fair organized by Tampere University on November 30th, 2023.

List of potential Master Thesis projects is available here: Project Topics_Open Office_November 2023

More information about FHAIVE is available here: Introduction to FHAIVE_Laura Saarimäki

Experience of working in FHAIVE of the Bachelor degree student (tasks, outcomes, etc.): FHAIVE_Jenni Leppänen_Promotor_sequence_analysis & FHAIVE_Jenni Leppänen_biological_context_annotation

Information about the PhD in FHAIVE (process, supervision, graduation, etc): PhD in FHAIVE_Giorgia Migliaccio & Giusy del Giudice

Presentation from the Thesis Fair organized by Tampere University (30.11.2023, Hervanta Campus): FHAIVE_30.11.