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Maria Annala, Laboratory Engineer, Expertise: Cell technology, in vitro test method development & validation, GLP

Gaia Cervi

Giusy del Giudice, PhD Student, Expertise: Analysis and modelling of toxicogenomics and pharmacogenomics data; systems immunology.

Troy Faithfull, Coordinator

Antonio Federico, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Michele Fratello, Postdoctoral Researcher, Expertise: Machine Learning, Data Modeling, Neural Networks, Toxicogenomics, Chemogenomics

Giorgia Gandolfi, Master student in Erasmus, Expertise: System biology, network analysis.

Dario Greco, Professor, Director

Veera Hautanen, PhD Student, Expertise: Cell technology, toxicology, development of in vitro methods

Mirja Hyppönen, Laboratory Assistant, Expertise: Cell culturing methods, in vitro tests, validation, GLP

Maria Koivisto, PhD Student, Expertise: Tissue engineering, development of in vitro methods

Marika Mannerström, QA auditor, scientist, Expertise: GLP assurance, in vitro test method development and validation

Alisa Pavel, Doctoral Researcher

Janika Perttala, Commercialization Manager

Laura Saarimäki, PhD student, Expertise : Toxicogenomics, transcriptomics, nanosafety, molecular biology

Marjo Salminen, Laboratory Specialist, Expertise: Molecular biology (especially PCR and sequencing), in vitro test methods

Angela Serra, Postdoctoral Researcher, Expertise: machine learning, data integration, toxicogenomics, and cheminformatics data analysis and modeling, complex networks

Tarja Toimela, Senior scientist, SD, Expertise: Cell model development and validation, In vitro methods, GLP

Maaret Vaani, Laboratory supervisor, Expertise: GLP, in vitro test methods

Anna Vallius, Coordinator, Expertise: Administration