New Research Collegium to Cover All Focus Areas

Tampere University is launching a new research collegium, the Tampere Institute for Advanced Study, to cover research in all the focus areas of the University: technology, health and society.

This IASR website will no longer be updated.

The Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR) is the research collegium of Tampere University. It conducts advanced research focusing on society, provides a productive research environment and facilities for researchers, and promotes multidisciplinary research and international interaction.

The task of the IASR at Tampere University is to promote high-level international and interdisciplinary social research.

The institute accomplishes its mission by annually awarding fixed-term one- or two-year fellowships to academics and scholars from both abroad and Tampere University. The Institute is located in the Atalpa Building (Ratapihankatu 55, 2nd fl.) at the City Centre Campus of the University.

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