Fellowship Application Process

Updated on 26 March 2021

Tampere University is launching a new research collegium, the Tampere Institute for Advanced Study, to cover research in all the focus areas of the University: technology, health and society.

This IASR website will no longer be updated.

The new Tampere Institute for Advanced Study is now calling for applications for two-year fixed-term Senior Research Fellow and Postdoctoral Research Fellow positions.

For more information on the application process, please visit the Tampere Institute for Advanced Study website and Open positions at Tampere University.


Updated on 2 November 2020

Our university went through a merger at the beginning of the year 2019. Therefore, all the practices and organizations have been under review of the new management. Regretfully, it has decided to run the IASR down and establish a less ambitious but more extensive research funding programme for faculty members and postdoctoral researchers instead.

For more on our views about this decision, please see our website Academic Freedom in the IASR.

For more on the new funding programme, please contact Vice-President for Research Juha Teperi, juha.teperi@tuni.fi.   

All the best,

Professor Risto Heiskala, Director
Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR)
Email: risto.heiskala@tuni.fi
Tel. +358 40 741 7518

Ms. Marjukka Virkajärvi, Coordinator
University of Tampere
Institute for Advanced Social Research (IASR)
Email: marjukka.virkajarvi@tuni.fi
Tel. +358 50 318 6697


Appointed Fellows 2018-2020

Applicant info 2018 (4 June 2018, pdf)

Rector’s decision of 4 June on the appointment of the IASR Fellows as of August 2018 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 4.6.2018 (pdf)

Appointed Fellows 2017-2019

Applicant info 2017 (16 May 2017, pdf)

Rector’s decision of 15 May 2017 on the appointment of the IASR Fellows as of August 2017 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 15.5.2017 (pdf)

Appointed Fellows 2016-2018

Applicant info 2016 (31 May 2016, pdf)

Rector’s decision of 25 May 2016 on the appointment of the IASR Fellows as of 1 August 2016 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 25.5.2016 (pdf)

Appointed Fellows 2015-2017

Applicant info 2015 (27 May 2015, pdf)

Rector’s decision of 27 May 2015 on the appointment of the IASR Fellows as of 1 August 2015 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 27.5.2015 (pdf)

Appointed Fellows 2014-2015/2016

Applicant info 2014 (23 May 2014, pdf)

Rector’s decision of 23 May on the appointment of the IASR Fellows as of 1 August 2014 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 23.5.2014 (pdf)

Appointed Fellows 2013-2014/2015

Applicant info 2013 (22 May 2013, pdf)

Rector’s decision of 21 May 2013 on the appointment of Research Collegium Fellows as of 1 August 2013 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 21.5.2013 (pdf)

Appointed Fellows 2012-2013/2014

Applicant info 2012 (pdf)

Rector’s decision of 4 May 2012 on the appointment of Research Collegium Fellows as of 1 August 2012 (pdf)

Rehtorin päätös 4.5.2012 (pdf)

The Institute for Advanced Social Research, IASR, is the research collegium of Tampere University. It conducts advanced research focusing on society, provides a productive research environment and facilities for researchers, and promotes multidisciplinary research and international interaction. The institute accomplishes its mission by annually awarding fixed-term one- or two-year fellowships to academics and scholars from both abroad and Tampere University.

The Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Research is Professor Risto Heiskala (risto.heiskala@tuni.fi, tel. +358 40 741 7518) and its steering committee is the Science Council of Tampere University.

The Institute is located in the Atalpa Building (Ratapihankatu 55, 2nd fl.) at the main campus of the university.



An international evaluation of the IASR was conducted in June 2018 by an expert panel consisting of three members:

Professor Gerd Folkers, ETH Zürich (chair)

Professor Thomas Maissen, Deutsches Historisches Institute Paris

Professor Sami Pihlström, University of Helsinki

The operations and organization of IASR were evaluated in order to find out if the institute has been successful in achieving its mission to serve the scientific community and the University of Tampere by engaging in advanced research focused on society, by enhancing research proficiency and facilities in the University, and by promoting multidisciplinary and international interaction. The main objective of the evaluation was, however, to get ideas and suggestions on how to best continue the institution’s operations as a multidisciplinary collegium serving the new university.

More information on the goals, the criteria and the method of the assessment can be found in the Terms of Reference IASR evaluation 2018 document (pdf).

IASR Evaluation Report (pdf)

Bibliometric analysis_IASR evaluation 2018 (pdf)

IASR Fellows’ Survey_report of the results (pdf)