Academic Freedom in the IASR

The Covid-19 situation has forced us to cancel the Last Anniversary and Alumni Event of the IASR for the third time. Therefore, we share with you some of the material prepared for the event through this website. – We know that it is not the same but do at least that while we all wait for the better times and the possibility to organize academic seminars and celebrations such as this “in flesh” again.

The site is divided into three sections:

1.  The director’s opening speech including an overview to the nature and history of the IASR and expressing our astonishment and deep disappointment of its termination and the future plans of the current management of the university.

2.  Short texts on academic freedom in the IASR by the few remaining fellows who were meant to present on the topic in the panel.

3.  Short texts on academic freedom in the IASR by some of the alumni members.