Heikki Heikkilä

Heikki Heikkilä

Senior Research Fellow,
1 August 2018 – 31 December 2019
1 February –  31 August 2020 (Kone Foundation Fellowship)

Office: Atalpa 227
Tel.: +358 (0)50 349 8266 or (0(50) 318 5926
Email: heikki.heikkila@uta.fi


My background is in journalism research and communication theory. My previous work has dealt with:

  • audience research
  • transparency and media accountability
  • European public sphere
  • European journalisms and the European Union

Current interests

My objective as research is to look into “what is going on in the digital environment”. My special interests pertain to surveillance and privacy. During my IASR fellowship, I try to delve on the perspectives of ‘privacy vulnerable people’.


I am involved in two projects funded by the Academy of Finland:

  • Security, Privacy, and Trust: Challenges of Legitimacy in Network Society (2015-2018)
    studies the policy-making and media coverage of the Post-Snowden era in Finland (PI: Risto Kunelius + Matti Kortesoja and Mikko Poutanen)
  • Banal Surveillance: Unravelling the Causes of and Remedies for the Privacy Paradox (2018–2022)
    will look into developments in policy-making, research development and everyday life, which render surveillance ‘bana’ i.e. commonplace, undistinctive and unchallenged. (PI: Asko Lehmuskallio + Matti Kortesoja)

For more information, please check my website at COMET