Internal events

Institute for Advanced Social Research 2019-2020

Updated 10 January 2020

Article seminars, Spring 2020

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Speakers Series lectures, Spring 2020

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Speakers Series lectures, Autumn 2019

Time: Every second Tuesday at 16.15–17.45, in English, starting on 17 Sept.
Pinni B lecture hall B1096, 1st fl.

Article seminars, Autumn 2019

Time: On Wednesdays at 12.15–14.00 in English , starting on 11 Sept.
Atalpa seminar room 208, 2nd fl.

Schedule (subject to change)

Updated 6 November 2019



IASR Lectures

Article seminars (internal)


Based on a draft of an article or a book chapter

36 Wed-Thu, 4-5 Sept.
Kick-off seminar
Wuolle Mansion, Hauho
37 Wed, 11 Sept Saara Pellander:
Intimate geographies of bordering: How borders affect citizens and their social networks
38 Tue, 17 Sept Prof. Rainer Winter: Mediatization and the Transformation of the Self
38 Wed, 18 Sept Visiting lecturer
Prof. Jane Wilkinson:
Leading for social justice and diversity through a practice architecture lens
Wed, 25 Sept Heikki Heikkilä:
Do we want to tolerate audience metrics? Ethics and validity in newsrooms’ knowledge of the users
40 Tue, 1 Oct Meyda Yegenoglu: Entanglement of Humanitarianism with Colonialism and Orientalism
40 Wed, 2 Oct Introductions to research:
Mervi Kaukko
Visiting Fulbright
Lois Presser
41 Wed, 9 Oct

  Leo Custódio:
Research Plan: “Intersectional public spheres” and anti-racism media activist tactics: The cases of Finland and Brazil compared
42 Tue, 15 Oct Leonardo Custódio:
What does ‘decolonization’ mean to you? A farewell (bomb) letter
42 Wed, 16 Oct Laura Ahva
(& Mikko Hautakangas): Book proposal:
“Journalism against Polarisation”
43 Tue, 22 Oct
NB! 14:15-15:45
Prof. Louise Morley:
Women Leaders in Finnish Universities: Navigating Neoliberalism, Narrating Neuroliberalism, and Nurturing New Imaginaries
43 Wed, 23 Oct
NB! 15:00-18:00

Film session:
Franz Fanon:
Concerning Violence (2014)
44 Tue, 29 Oct
NB! Pinni B1100
Mahmut Mutman:
Three Remarks on Populism: Sovereignty, Class, Figure
44 Wed, 30 Oct
  Saara Pellander
(& Johanna Leinonen):

Book proposal:
The intimate and the state: Racialized geographies of transnational family relations
45 Wed, 6 Nov


Risto Heiskala
(& Peeter Selg):
Power, Regulation and Social Order in the Intersection of Political and Social Theory
46 Tue, 12 Nov
NB! Pinni B1100

Mervi Kaukko:
What do refugee background students want us to know about their school lives? ‘Zooming in’ on the practice architectures of a multicultural school in Australia
46 Wed, 13 Nov Meyda Yegenoglu:
Remembering Armenian genocide
47 Wed, 20 Nov

Gerald MacLean & Donna Landry:
Explorations with Evliya Ҫelebi: Inter- and Multi-disciplinary Research and the Seyahatname
48 Tue, 26 Nov
NB! Pinni B1100
Nelli Piattoeva:
A post-socialist perspective on emerging audit culture: changing practices and subjectivities of school teachers in a Russian region

48 Wed, 27 Nov  


Mervi Kaukko:
Love as a pedagogical practice
49 Wed-Thu, 4-5 Dec
Symposium on Populism

Tue, 10 Dec
NB! Pinni B1096



Pre-Christmas Dinner
at Restaurant Tiiliholvi, Kauppakatu 10,

at 18.00


Andrew Newby:
“Poor and primitive, but honest and truthful” – Overseas Famine Aid to Finland, 1856-68