Symposium on Populism

Call for Papers Deadline Extended to 20 November 2019

Institute for Advanced Social Research, Tampere University
4–5 December 2019

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While populism is often defined as the dividing of political space into two antagonistic forces as people and elite, it always carries a high level of ambiguity as to its political meaning and its extremely varied manifestations in different national and historical contexts. The symposium aims to shed a critical light on populism as a class, discursive and affective formation, especially how these manifold dimensions are effective in distinguishing political varieties, forms and limits of populism.

Some of the questions we would like to explore are: the relationship between populism, authoritarianism and racism; rhetoric of populism; populism and media; populism and gender; populism and democracy; populism and class; populism and nationalism; populism, state and security; continuities and discontinuities between left- and right-wing populisms; populism as subjective and affective formation; and various national cases of populism.

You are kindly invited to submit paper proposals (max. 300 words).

Please submit your paper proposals through this abstract submission form.

Presentations are limited to 20 minutes.

Extended deadline for paper submission: 20 November 2019
Acceptance notification: 25 November 2019
Symposium dates: 4–5 December 2019


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