IINES - Intelligent Networked Systems

Making systems smart(er)

Realizing smart networked systems via a unique combination of control and ICT

Towards smart & connected society

Our research focuses on designing scalable, resilient, and safe optimization and control (decision making) algorithms for networked cyber-physical systems (CPS). CPS refer to smart networked systems which integrate computing, control, sensing and networking that are engineered to sense and interact with the physical systems. Examples of CPS include smart grid, intelligent transportation system, smart farming, and distributed robotic system.

We utilize analytical and design tools from systems & control theory, optimization, machine learning in combination with advancement in ICT.

The proposed control algorithms are rigorously analyzed to provide stability and/or performance guarantees and evaluated using experimental testbed (quadcopters, mobile robots, etc) available in the networked robotics lab. (NeBoLab)