Dr. Hokka wins National Championships of Medieval Riding 2020

Last weekend Dr. Hokka won the TLT2020 tournament by the Turku Castle. The event featured various sports focusing on medieval Impact Engineering. Picture above courtesy of KoskaPikka.

Jousting in Finland is competed with 4m (12 feet) long lances. The diameter of the lance is approximately 32mm (1.25 inch). The tip of the lance is weakened by conical cut that allows approximately 90 cm (3 feet) of the tip to break slightly easier. However, the secondary impact of the non-weakened and thicker pine tree part of the lance is enough to through even an experience rider of the horse or knock them unconcious if the secondary impact hits the riders helmet. In the joust, the two riders gallop towards each other at approximately speed of 30-40km/h which gives the impact speed of approximately 60-80km/h. This if anything is the perfect hobby for a high rate material behavior experts.


Dr. Hokka and Alecto. Pictures courtesy of KoskaPikka

During the four day event approximately 20 participants competed in the various Skills at Arms tracks and full metal jousting. On Sunday the Final was fought with the 4m (12 feet) long lances. At the start of the final Dr. Hokka was tied for the second place five points behind the leader. Each lance gives maximum of 3 points, depending on how much you are able to break the lance (hitpoints), secure handling of the lance, and riding skills. Only three knights passed on to the final round where the duel was fought by passing four lances between each knight. After the first round, the Dr. Hokka was tied for the first place with his very good friend and professional show jumper Jose Pedro Bernardes (Portugal). During the second round of the final, Hokka and Bernardes were still tied when the last duel commenced. Two first passes were still tied as both knights had perfect score. The two last lances were decive as Bernardes missed one, but Dr. Hokka was able to keep almost perfect score until the end. Final score was Dr. Hokka 47 points; Jose Bernardes 43 points. The final was extremely even and high level. Hopefully next year permits  more tournaments and more jousting.

Pictures courtesy of KoskaPikka.


Pictures courtesy of Sinikka Makkonen.