Experiments at Extreme Conditions

IMPACT is an international Multiscale Mechanics of Materials Research Group at Tampere University. Our work focuses on microscopic and macroscopic mechanical testing of materials at different strain rates and temperatures. We focus on improving the basic scientific understanding of material behavior, but also solve practical industrial problems involing high rate material deformation.

We Know What Matters

We study the behavior of various materials focusing on metals, semiconductors, ceramics, polymers, composites, biological materials, and granular materials. The unique laboratory equipment that we have allow us to carry out research from microscopic small samples to larger bulk specimens at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to very high temperatures and at strain rates from quasi-static to very high strain rates. Our approach is to carry out few but well defined experiments, and analyses the material behavior very carefully. Typically we focus on effects of microstructure on the material behavior, and use electron microscopy, digital image correlation, and infrared imaging to explain the observed behavior.

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