Publication: Impact performance of natural fiber reinforced composites can be improved by hybridization

Synthetic fibers are increasingly replaced by natural fibers. However, the mechanical strength of the biofibers is not at the same level as carbon and glass fibers. Our recent investigation sheds light into the viability of improving impact resistance of flax-epoxy composites by hybridization with a thin metal sheet.

We compared the impact response of hybrid biocomposites to a reference GFRP composite and to monolithic biocomposites. Our work shows that the deformation and damage during impact loading are significantly reduced in the hybrid configuration. The work comprise of numerical and experimental investigations of several materials and thicknesses, and the details reveal the effects of various material configurations on the impact damage resistance and clearly demonstrates that the penetration resistance of biocomposites is improved the hybridization. See more in our recent Open Access publication in International Journal of Lightweight Materials and Manufacture.