Narrare’s strategy for 2030

Narrare is a world leading research centre in the expanding field of interdisciplinary narrative studies. It is unique for its strong methodological emphasis on conjoining research traditions in the humanities and social sciences.


Our strategic goals are:

  1. To develop robust narrative-theoretical methodology for all disciplines working with narrative.
  2. To advance international PhD training and post-doctoral career paths.
  3. To create and cultivate best practices in interdisciplinary research.
  4. To facilitate high quality publication in interdisciplinary narrative studies.


To achieve these goals we:

  • advance the refinement and standardization of key concepts in narrative studies by organizing international workshops, publications, and meetings
  • create projects to foster methodological innovation and investigation of diverse narrative environments
  • connect researchers at different career stages and from various disciplinary backgrounds in our international workshops, conferences, and the annual PhD seminar
  • provide intellectual and institutional support for postdocs and senior researchers in applying for funding and carrying out their projects
  • invite scholars across a broad spectrum of scientific fields to join us in refining conceptual, methodological, and analytical practices for inter- and transdisciplinary work
  • steer international debate on the future of interdisciplinary research on narrative
  • set up and pioneer institutional structures for narrative studies and educational interdisciplinary programs with the help of our partner networks.