External funding

Salla Atkins
MIST – Migration as a social determinant of health
Networking grant to develop proposal on migration as a social determinant of health
Vetenskapsrådet (2018-2020)

Salla Atkins
CHEST – coordinating health and social support for tuberculosis patients in Mozambique
Intervention study – situation analysis, patient cost survey, intervention development, intervention evaluation. Intervention to develop collaboration between different sectors
Vetenskapsrådet (2018-2021)

Salla Atkins
Patient experiences of the synergistic burden of tuberculosis and availability of social services to alleviate the burden
Qualitative study, in Cape Town, South Africa among TB patients, social service agents, doctors.
Medical Research Council of South Africa (2017-2018)

Norma Daykin
What Works For Wellbeing
Culture and Sport Evidence Review
ESRC (2015-2018)

Norma Daykin
Transition funding application: culture, sport, communities and wellbeing- What Works Centre for Wellbeing
Follow on funding for What Works Wellbeing Culture and Sport Evidence review Programme
ESRC (Jan-Dec 2019)

Norma Daykin
Loneliness interventions evidence review
Culture and Sport Evidence Review
ESRC (Nov 2018)

Jaakko Kuorikoski
The integration of cross-disciplinary research in neuroscience and social science – a methodological case study on economic policies and the neuroscience of agency (INSOSCI)
Philosophy of science and ethics of policy-relevant neuroscience
ERA-NET Neuron / Academy of Finland (15.2.2016-14.2.2019)

Jaakko Kuorikoski
Social and Cognitive Diversity in Science: An Epistemic Assessment
Philosophy of science; case studies and formal social epistemological modeling
Academy of Finland (01.9.2018-31.8.2022)

Asko Lehmuskallio
Banal Surveillance. Unraveling the Causes of and Remedies for the Privacy Paradox (BANSUR)
Studies how practices of surveillance and tracking become normalized, focusing on media discourses, tech development and privacy vulnerables.
Academy of Finland (01.09.2018 – 31.08.2022)

Asko Lehmuskallio
Digital Face (DIFA)
Studies how  ‘face’ is negotiated in digital environments.
Academy of Finland (01.01.2016 – 31.12.2019)

Mianna Meskus
Valuating Lives: Science, Law and Patient Activism on Infertility and Dementia (VALDA)
Ethnographic research on clinical research and treatment of infertility and dementia-related problems
Academy of Finland (2017-2021)

Mianna Meskus
Reproduction and Senescence in the Age of Biomedical Enhancement (RESTEM)
Ethnographic research on clinical research and treatment of infertility and dementia-related problems
Academy Research Fellow salaries and expenditure (2015-2020)

Mianna Meskus
The future of reproduction / Lisääntymisen tulevaisuus
Argumenta-funding for a conference series (2019-2021)

Thomas Olsson
Big Match – Better Social Matches in Professional Life through Analysis of Big Social Data
Studies how social matching in professional life can be enhanced with computational methods.
Business Finland (2017-2019)

Thomas Olsson
EmoDiM – Emotions in Online Digital Media
Studies emotions in social media and how the interface mechanisms affect the users’ communication behavior.
Academy of Finland (2019-2022)

Ali Qadir
Morality in politics
Studies how morality is constructed and disguised in parliamentary debates globally
Academy of Finland (01.09.2016 – 31.08.2019)

Ali Qadir
Science and religion in northern Europe
Studies ethnographically how people negotiate the boundary between science and religion
Templeton ReligionTrust (01.03.2018 – 30.04.2019)

Jo Shaw
Building Citizenship Regimes: A global perspective
Explores on a global scale what policy-makers (including legislatures, the framers of constitutions and the judiciary) aim at when they frame the legal and constitutional aspects of citizenship regimes.
Leverhulme Trust (2018-2020)