Academy Research Fellow funding for Mohammad Moshtari

Mohammad Moshtari from Tampere University is selected as an Academy Research Fellow by Research Council for Culture and Society. He explores corporate-humanitarian organization partnerships as well as the benefits and the risks of using social media during disaster response. Providing an effective response to natural disasters is beyond the individual capacities of most government agencies, firms, and humanitarian organizations. These actors must therefore forge partnerships and facilitate collaborative practices to respond more effectively. Moshtari will examine different types of partnerships and the circumstances in which to create successful cross-sectoral partnerships. The project will build on fieldwork and data gathered from interviews, organizational documents, websites and news media. The project will be carried out at Industrial Engineering and Management Unit at Tampere University.

Mohammad completed his PhD program at the Università della Svizzera italiana (University of Lugano) in Switzerland and then received a postdoctoral fellowship by Swiss National Science Foundation. He is currently an assistant professor in supply chain management at Tampere University and his research interest relates to supply chain management, humanitarian operations, and sustainability.