Ongoing Projects

SITeS-JM: Sustainable Information Technologies for Societies

EU, 2023-2029

DeMo – Decarbonizing transport and Mobility through data-driven modal shift

Business Finland, 2023-2025

XR-SPACE – XR Simulation and Presence at the Cloud Edge​

Business Finland, 2022-2025

For more information, please check XR-SPACE’s project website.

GEM – Green Education in Media

EU/Erasmus+, 2022-2025


Business Finland, 2022-2023


Private funding, 2022-2023

CHEPRI – Competencies by Health Technology Education in Prevention & Rehabilitation Intertwined​

EU/Erasmus+, 2021-2024

Virtuaalikuntoutusverkosto – Verkostoyhteistyöllä vauhtia tekoälypohjaisten virtuaaliteknologioiden saavutettavuuteen kuntoutuksessa

Ministry of Education and Culture, 2021-2023

The project aims at gathering together virtual technology, accessibility, rehabilitation and wellbeing experts to produce artificial intelligence based virtual technology competence for rehabilitation professionals and rehabilitees to promote their studying, working and functioning ability.

For more information, please check the project website for “Virtual rehabilitation network”.


SMART ART – Changing Skills in the Performing Arts

ESR, 2021-2023

For more information (in Finnish), please check Smart Art’s project website.

FICORE (Finnish Indian Consortia for Research and Education)

Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, 2021-2023


Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, 2021-2023

AIAI – Towards Accessible and Inclusive Artificial Intelligence

Ministry of Education, 2020-2022

Building on Finnish and Indian Expertise, Experiences, and Diversity


Academy of Finland

For more information, please check the website for Smart Campus Network.


Business Finland, 2019-2023



Past Projects


Private funding, 2021-2023


ESF/EU, 2019-2022

LEADership as a trigger for BEHAvioural change when creating AI cultures in companies and organisations

HUMOR – Human Optimized XR

Business Finland, 2020-2022

A view from the virtual environment with two users presented as white balls and VR glasses on.

Blog post: Improved collaboration with virtual reality, case COVE-VR


For more information, please check HUMOR’s project blog.

AHJO – Automation – Human Interaction in Decision Making Systems

Ministry of Defense, 2020-2021

EMEX – Emerging Media Exploration

Erasmus+, 2018-2021

OBELIX – Omni-Channel Brand Interaction Ecosystem for Consumer Products

Business Finland, 2019- 2020

RemoteFeel – Digital Feel for Accurate Operation of Work Machines

Business Finland, 2018-2020

Vlogi360 – Interactive 360 solutions for video blogging

Viestintäalan tutkimussäätiö, 2018

Digital User Services in Real Estate Business

Business Finland, 2018-2019

Design for Value

Tekes, 2017-2019

Digital Language Typology: Mining from the Surface to the Core

Academy of Finland, 2016 – 2019

Immersive Media Disruption

Tekes, 2017-2018

MAGELLAN – Management Game for Social and Healthcare Organizations

Tekes, 2017-2018

DYNAVIS – Dynamic visualization in Product/Service Lifecycle

Tekes, 2016-2018

VIRJOX – Experiential Services in Virtual Reality

Tekes, 2016-2018

Professional Programme in Human-Technology Interaction

Ministry of Education, 2016-2017

2016-2019 Digital Language Typology: Mining from the Surface to the Core

The work is supported by the Academy of Finland.

2016–2017 TIKLE

The work done in TIKLE – Technical and Socio-cultural Perspectives for Digitalization of Learning is supported by CIMO.

2015-2019 Living Lab Bus

The work is supported by Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

2015–2017 Data-to-Music Sonification for Business Designs, Products, and Services to Improve Quality of Life

The work is supported by Tekes.

2015–2016 MIRACLE

The work done in MIRACLE – Mixed Reality Applications for Culture and Learning Experiences is supported by Tekes.

2015–2016 Information Ergonomics II

The work is supported by Tekes.

2014-2016 S-STEP

The work done in S-STEP – Smart technologies for lifecycle performance is supported by Tekes.

2014–2016 SmartHear

The work done in SmartHear – From Audio Technology to Health Technology is supported by Tekes.

2014–2016 JoPe

The work done in JoPe – Effective Leadership with Real-time Research Knowledge is supported by Tekes.

More projects

More projects